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WomensLeggings.com Wholesale Leggings


All wholesale orders must be a minimum of $250.00 (Product Purchase).

WomensLeggings.com offers wholesale pricing to customers who would like to make bulk purchases at wholesale prices.  We are a United States based company and ship directly from our warehouse in Hollywood, CA (Los Angeles).  Unlike most wholesalers that are based in Hong Kong and/or China that take weeks for your order to ship and arrive, we ship the majority of our orders the same, day right from California.  If you are in the United States, there are no duty or custom costs, ever.


NOTE: Promo Codes CAN NOT be used on wholesale orders.  Any orders where a promo code is used shall be placed on "Pending" until the discount amount is paid.


If you would like to become a wholesale customer, proceed as follows:

1.  Create an account

2.  Email to us the following information (Legstravaganza@bravadaltd.com):

     1.  Your Business Name

     2.  Business Address

     3.  Tax ID

     4.  Website Address (If Applicable)

     5.  Contact Name and Number

     6.  If you are approved as a wholesale account, you shall receive the following discounts:

         1.  50% off of our retail prices for leggings, pants, jeggings and jeans

         2.  25% off of our Pantyhose and Socks

Please allow 24 - 48 hours to review and approve your wholesale application.  If we require additional information, we shall notify promptly.  Once you are approved, wholesale prices will be reflected when you log into your account.  You may shop during this period and place items in your shopping cart as prices will be adjusted when your account is approved for wholesale pricing.



Wholesale Restrictions

1.  All wholesale orders must be a minimum of $250.00 (Product Purchase)

2.  If any of the items are unavailable, we shall notify you promptly as to which items and offer you the choice of replacing the items or have those items removed from your order.  Please note that your order must remain above the $250.00 minimum.

3.  If your order is below $250.00, you shall be notified via email.

4.  If you ever have any questions, please contact us through your account on Legstravaganza.com.  This is the most efficient method of managing communication and orders.

5.  It is our policy to get all orders processed and out the same day.  If you order before 12:00 PM PST, we will ship your order same day if all items are in our warehouse.  If there is a delay as to some of the items, we shall notify you at our soonest.

6.  You may order as few as 1 (one) piece per style up to the amount we have in stock.

7.  Promo Codes CAN NOT be applied to wholesale orders.  

8.  Yes, we can make custom orders for you if you require bigger volumes beyond our current stock level.


We treat all wholesale orders as being time sensitive so be assured that we make every attempt to get your order out of our doors and into yours as fast as we can.